Course Schedule

June 05, 2021 SAT and SUN 2:00 P.M - 5:00 P.M EST -

Course Curriculum

Course Description:

Module-1: Computer Fundamentals (Class: 3 Hours)

  • Identify names, purposes and characteristics of computer components Identify names, purposes, and characteristics of operating system
  • How a computer works
  •  Integration between Hardware, Operating system, and Applications
  • Basic Logic Gates and Functions
  • Basic Programming concept (if-else, for etc.)


Module-2: Windows Operating System (Class: 3 Hours)

  • Overview of Operating System
  • Identify differences between operating systems, revisions, GUI, system requirements for Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Identify names, purposes and characteristics of the primary operating system components including registry, virtual memory and file system.
  •  Overview of Windows, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019/2016
  • Windows Administrative tools: Performance monitor, Event Viewer, Services, Computer Management, MMC, Task Manager. Windows Registry, System Restore, Remote Desktop
  • Windows File sharing and NTFS security
  • Identifying tools, diagnostic procedures and troubleshooting techniques for operating systems
  • Recognize and resolve common operational issues such as blue-screen, system lock-up and application install.


Module- 3: Disk Operating System (Class: 3 Hours)

  • Basic DOS Commands
  • Advanced DOS Commands
  • Batch Script
  • Use of DOS batch file in the real world
  • Task scheduling and Automating DOS batch script

Module- 4: Unix Operation System ( Class: 3 Hours) 

  • Basic Unix Commands
  • Advanced Unix Commands
  • Shell Script
  • Use of Shell Script batch file in the real world
  • Task scheduling and Automating Shell Scrip

Module- 5: Power Shell ( Class: 3 Hours)  

  • Basic Power Shell Commands
  • Advanced Power Shell Commands
  • Power Shell scripting
  • Use of Power Shell script in the real world
  • Power Shell Functions
Module- 6: Internet Fundamentals ( Class: 3 Hours) 
  • Introduction to the Internet and the Web
  • Build a web site
  • Build a web server
  • Web Elements and Identify Web Elements
  • Internet Security 
Module- 7: Basic Networking ( Class: 3 Hours) 
  • Fundamentals of Networking
  • How network works
  • OSI Model
  • Overview of on-premises data center
  • Overview of Cloud
  • Overview of SLDC
  • Overview of DEVOPs
Module- 7: Interview Preparation ( Class: 3 Hours)
  • How to give short presentations on work-related topics.
  • Develop and use a vocabulary of terms, phrases, and idioms appropriate in a selected technology-related business environment.
  • Develop and use knowledge of English grammar and pronunciation norms to achieve listening and speaking communication goals.
  • Use and interpret paralinguistic skills appropriately.
  • How to face a real-world job interview


Bits and Bytes program is designed for everyone on the assumption that the participants have a plan build  thier career in IT but have minimum experience with computers. Participant with a basic computer knowledge can join this program.

Who should Attend?

>> Anyone who wants to start Information Technology as a career

>> Anyone who wants to complete day to day activities through computer

>> Anyone who wants to get admission in College/university for higher education

>> Anyone who wants to switch career from non-IT background to IT

>> Anyone who wants to upgrade skills/knowledge in Information Technology

Benefit of the Course:

>> Completion of this course you will be ready to do your day to day activities such as email, internet use , prepare of document, personal accounting , troubleshooting computer, create home network etc.

>> Completion of this course you will be ready to apply job like Office Management, Technical Support etc.

>> Completion of this course you will be ready to take any high-level IT program

>> Completion of this course you will build a strong IT foundation


Course Catalog

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